Debeli has always been fascinated with Thai cuisine, ever since he started to work professionally. At the beginning of his cooking career he was working with a Thai chef who infected him with soy sauce. Like literally, because Debeli ended in the ER after his body couldn’t digest high levels of MSG or monosodium glutamate (a flavor enhancer with an umami taste), so he dehydrated and had to be fed with a tube).

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Eating in Rome was so decadent, that the old Romans would be ashamed. This whole trip was purely about the food. About finding the best and the traditional dishes. On our list there was cacio e pepe, suppli, trippa alla romana and so much more.

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Debeli is a huge lover and worshiper of both whiskey and beer, so I was thinking of visiting either Jameson distillery or Guinness brewery while in Dublin. What I didn’t know then was that the production of Jameson has been transferred to Cork and that Guinness storehouse is more about selling the merchandise than showing you the real process of brewing. However, what we did at the end, it turned out to be even better!

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