Dachau is a small medieval town some twenty kilometers from Munich. Although beautiful and with a long history, Dachau is not a place you would be proud of living in. The reason is the WWII concentration camp in its vicinity. But on the other hand, what city is spotless clean in its history?

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We visited Munich this summer on our way to Zagreb. A friend of Debeli lives there for a couple of years now so we decided to kill two birds with one stone: visit her and a capital of Bavaria as well. I had a bunch of stuff planned to visit, but we did only two of that. Nevertheless, I’m satisfied. We really liked having our friends as guides, so we enjoyed their company and suggestions.

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Traditional Estonian cuisine is based exclusively on meat, potatoes and some fish but neighboring states had a great influence in preparation and use of traditional Estonian ingredients so it’s not uncommon for the Estonians to eat dried or salted fish or fried sausages.

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