Lubenice is 🍉 not just vegetables, Lubenice is a village on the Island of Cres that we had the chance to visit during one of our summer holidays.

Situated around half an hour drive from  Cres town, on a 380m high cliff, Lubenice is more tourist place than a proper village. Although founded almost four thousand years ago, there’s barely twenty people living there now.

The old latin name for the village was Hibernitia, meaning winter or cold habitat. Because of its position on the western part of the island, high above the sea level, it was definitely cold during winter period especially with strong winds blowing.


The name of the village today, comes from the old name and that was: Ljubljenice.

According to the legend, the village was founded after the neighboring village was attacked by the pirates. The attackers killed all of the villagers and destroyed the village. The only ones that survived were two lovers tied up and left to die. The girl and the boy managed to free themselves and run away as far from the sea as possible, all the way to the top of the cliff where they created their ”love nest”. That’s how Ljubljenice 💑, or as known as Lubenice today 🍉  were created. The names, if you speak Croatin, were completely lost in translation!

The village was once surrounded by walls and approaching the village, one can visit the church of sv. Antuna Pustinjaka from 15th century.

Two parallel streets takes you in direction North-South through 3000 year old village. We arrived on a garbage day.

The parking at the entrance village is the only suitable place for normal cars. The rest of the village can be serviced only with small trucks.

I can’t imagine the village vibe during the Lubenice music evenings, a musical manifestation that takes place form mid July until mid August. In this small space, I believe it becomes very crowded and hot.

But, regardless, it would be worth the visit. Have in mind that Lubenice have been part of UNESCO heritage sites from 2005. and they deserve a bit of your time, if and when possible.


Carpe Diem


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