My first visit to Pompeii was some twenty years ago, during the excursion to Roma, Napoli, Pompeii and Sorrento, so it was without a doubt that I will guide my boys to see this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Although I had a strong desire and a wish to visit both Siena and Pisa during the visit to Firenze, as the travel dates were approaching I realized that this idea might not be the best one.

Pisa central station
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Our first big long holiday as a family of three away from home and grandparents was matter of pure necessity to be honest. While vacationing in Cres that year, we found out that our building would be subject to a pipe system renovation, starting November. That meant 3 weeks without water and the use of the toilets and bathroom during the weekdays and limited use during the weekend. There would be outdoor toilets but with a baby in the family this solution was out of the question for us.

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