The visit to Tønsberg was our last travel destination last year.

Ruins of St Michael’s Church

Regarded as the oldest city in Norway, Tønsberg, is located around 102 kilometres (63 miles) south-southwest of Oslo on the western coast of the Oslofjord.

With a population of little over 52 000 the city is the most populous metropolis in the district of Vestfold.

Founded by Vikings in the 9th century it can be called one of the oldest present Scandinavian cities. Quite a title, right?

Ruins of St Michael’s Church next toCastle Mountain 

It is home to Tønsberg Fortress (Slottsfjellet) on Castle Mountain, which includes ruins from Castrum Tunsbergis, Norway’s largest castle in the 13th century.

Regardless its age and rich whaling history the city is mostly a shopping town and an administrative centre.

Tønsberg Cathedral

We made a quick stop for lunch and ice cream on our way from Verdens ende and snapped few photos of this charming city.

Oriental grill restaurant with the accent on Lebanese food
Mix grill plates (chicken & lamb) with tabbouleh

And ice cream in the end

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