While Firenze may be the center of the Renaissance art and culture, according to our opinion Emilia-Romagna region still holds the prestigious first place when it comes to variety of food ingredients and dishes.

Let’s be clear, we did not have a bad meal in Firenze. That’s what we love about Italy, you can’t have a bad dish. Overpriced yes. Not the most representative yes. But bad no. It’s just never the case.

However, since the traditional and typical Florentine cuisine is based on just five food elements (bread, olive oil, meat (usually veal, but pork, rabbit meat and venison is often consumed as well), legumes (beans, chickpeas), Chianti wine), the performance may be exquisite but the creativity has no room to grow.

Regardless the shortcomings or differences we had plenty of food, loads of pasta, meat and wine.

To have a better local and traditional food experience we asked for some guidance our friends that have been visiting or living in Firenze for a while. I did a bunch on line research, reading Gamberorosso articles in search for the locations that fit our schedule and serve local food.

These are the results 😋

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